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As many of you know already I didn't do much for the site in the last months. Truth is that I can barely claim time for since beginning of 2008. I'm still buying lots of soundtracks, I still watch the second market, but that's it. Anyway, it's a bit sad to see not being continued.

Anyone interested to improve the site and update db with new releases? Any thoughts or opinions about it? Drop me a note : nfo[at]soundtrackguide(dot)net

Sky Bandits ( Varese Club )

There are still some copies available at Varese's German vendor Colosseum. shows Sky Bandits as sold out.

Go here: Colosseum Records, then click "Varese Sarabande CD Club" on the left. Other Varese Club CDs, which are sold out in the US are still available, too. Colosseum unfortunately is requesting higher prices than Varese.

Large database update to come

I'm currently finishing the latest update, lots of new titles and some rare stuff to come.

Registration Problem fixed

There has been an error during the registration, which brought up a PHP Error. This is now fixed.

smaller updates and corrections

Fixed "search by composer", which now should post correct results. I'm working on a larger database update, which will bring all Limited Edition releases up to date. Some Top Auctions to be updated, too.

Thanks 4 feedback goes to 'Stomper', 'FazT' and Tom Lütjens.

Database and content updates + new features

New Feature : Pictures of collectible CDs are available ( currently in search by title and search by composer only ). Other search scripts will be adapted shortly.

The database has been updated and expanded and should now be prepared for the second half of 2006.

need to watch your stuff?

Watching items on eBay is not everyone's favorite - you'll have to logon everytime, sellers can see their items with numbers of watchers on it a.o. small issues. There are not many external tools available, but I suggest you take a look at this one:
It's a gadget of Google Desktop, and is able to watch all the eBay stuff you're interested in without letting know anyone else. It does not require your eBay account data ( optional ). I learned to know the developer, which is a very helpful person.

Here's the url: AuctionWatch for Googledesktop. It has earned an eBay award and the online documentation leaves no questions open.

If you don't have Googledesktop, go here: Google Desktop. Of course Google Desktop is not everyone's choice, but in this case it can be very helpful.

lots of updates

Academy Award section has been reorganized, errors and dead links have been fixed. Due to reorganisations over the last month some stuff did not work. Fixed.

A new section was born last week: Top Auctions. It contains information about high prices sales on eBay. Please register to view.

nEw design

beeh, to be as simple and substantial as possible ...

However, the old design/page is still available HERE or use the nav to your right

Registration online

Due to a php code problem the registration could not been used. Fixed.

Varese section + new login

First of all, all previous registered users need to register again, as of I'm using a new login system based on MD5 encryption. This is much more comfortable as the old one (which wasn't capable of much more than session handling, my 0wn code :) ).

Also the Varese Club section has been overlooked and newly arranged, based on items as used in the Top Collectible section.

The item error inside Top Collectibles has been fixed.

bugfix, updates

The Varese section had an error. I must have messed something up ... fixed.
Smaller updates on soundtrack listings. Large update to come, still working on it. Shop has a lot of new items, too.
Opera may yet not work correctly. Mail all questions or suggestions to ::

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